How to Make a Snow Globe

November 30, 2012 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized

We haven’t had any snow yet this season in Chicago, but for our November DIY Night we decided to make it snow on our own with these sweet little homemade snow globes:

homemade snow globe

They are super easy to make – we were able to complete them so quickly most of us went ahead and made two! You can fill them with water for a true snow globe or you can omit the water for more of a winteryย terrarium, which I chose to do.

Supplies for Home Made Snow Globes

  • Clear glass jars with tight-fitting lids
    • Ball canning jars work great, as do old pickle jars and other condiment jars (just make sure to wash throughly and take off the label!)
    • Jars with a wide neck (rather than tapered) work best
  • Buffalo snow (or glitter)
  • Bottle brush trees and little figurines
    • I found mine at Joann craft store. I think they are meant for the little holiday villages people create on their mantel, etc.
  • Permanent adhesive
    • You want a strong glue that is waterproof. I used a brand called Quick Grip
  • Water
    • A drop of glycerin is supposed to help the snow fall slowly
  • Craft paint, small paintbrush and sandpaper (if you want to paint your jar lids)

homemade snow globe


How to Make Snow Globes

  1. Wash your glass jars with warm water and soap and dry thoroughly. If there are any labels on the jars, remove them.
  2. If you want to paint your lid, lightly sand it and apply several coats of multi-surface craft paint, allowing time to dry in between coats.
  3. Have fun playing around with different groupings of your bottle brush trees and figurines. Once you’ve decided on what you want to put in your jar, glue it to the inside of the lid and let dry thoroughly.
  4. Fill the main jar with just a little bit of snow (you can always pour some out if you start with too much) and then screw on the lid.
  5. If you want to add water, fill the jar, screw on the lid, and start shaking!
Some scenes from our DIY Night:
homemade snow globe
Finally, we found that when we added water to the snow globes with bottle brush trees, the water started turning a little yellow after awhile. However, my friend Patti tried adding a drop of bleach to her snow globe, and not only did it clear up the water, it turned her entire tree a beautiful snowy white. Check it out!
homemade snow globe
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