DIY Flowering Branches from Party Streamers!

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DIY Flowering Branches

Spring couldn’t come fast enough, could it?! While things are slowly starting to bloom here in Texas, I’m speeding up the process by making some flowers of my own! Last week I made flowers from encyclopedia pages, and today I’ve got a simple way for you to make flowering branches from crepe paper streamers.

Make these flowering spring branches from party streamers! | #12monthsofmartha

Yep, you can use party streamers from the dollar store to make these delicate flowers with the help of these nifty fringe scissors from Martha Stewart Crafts.

Make these flowering spring branches from party streamers! | #12monthsofmartha

My flowering branches are blooming in orange, green, and pink. One thing nice about making them yourself is you can invent flowers and color combinations that you wouldn’t necessarily find in nature! I’ve finished them off in a Spring “grass” vase, using a Martha Stewart stencil.

Make these flowering spring branches from party streamers! | #12monthsofmartha

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I love how the branches look like they are sprouting out of the green grass! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own set of branches and Spring vase:

Supplies for DIY Spring Flowering Branches

Supplies for DIY flowering branches

How to Make DIY Spring Flowering Branches

Step 1. Spray paint branches (optional)

Spray paint your branches if you want to add some more color to the arrangement. I gave mine a light coat of white spray paint, but the branches look just as great as is!

Step 2: Fringe crepe paper

Cut 6 inch strips from your crepe paper streamers (no need to measure exactly). Then use your fringe scissors to make cuts all along the streamer at around the mid point.

Step 3. Roll up crepe paper

Use a darning needle or a toothpick to tightly roll up the fringed strip of crepe paper.

Step 4: Secure with glue

Adhere down the end with a small dab of glue (I used Elmer’s glue).

Step 5: Shape into a flower

Use your fingers to fan out the fringe into a flower shape.

Step 6. Repeat with other colors

Repeat the process to make a bunch of them. This will take a couple hours – a great craft to do in front of the TV!

Step 7. Trim ends

Snip off the end, leaving just a small part of the flower “stem”.

Step 8. Hot glue to branch

Add a dab of hot glue to the base of the stem. Stick the flower onto the branch and repeat until you’ve covered the branch in as many flowers as you want!

DIY flowering branches

How to Stencil the Vase

For the vase, I used this cute grass stencil to update a basic thrift store vase. Using a foam brush and the flexible adhesive stencil, I stenciled the grass outline all around the midpoint of the vase.

Then I filled in the bottom portion with 4-5 coats of paint so it looks like this when done.

I’ve been playing around with where to put this in our front living room. It looks pretty here on the sideboard, but I also like on the game table in the middle of the room so I can see it from the kitchen! Every time I look at it I smile because it reminds me that Spring is on the way. 🙂

Make these DIY flowering spring branches from party streamers!

If you have a foot of snow on the ground, and nothing green in sight, I promise that making these branches will lift your spirits!

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