4th of July Balloons!

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4th of July Balloons
The 4th of July is a time to get outside and celebrate – and you can’t call it a celebration without some balloons can you? These balloons are as simple as peel and stick, so you’ll have plenty of time to make these and enjoy your BBQ too!
4th of July Balloons

The balloons are made from inexpensive foam star stickers and a small piece of fringe garland that I wrapped around the bottom. Check the 4th of July selection at your local craft store and you are likely to find both of these items. I’ve also provided sources on Amazon below!

4th of July Balloons

Supplies for Patriotic Balloons

  • Clear helium-quality latex balloons (I used 17″ balloons – the larger the balloon the more stickers it can hold without sinking under their weight)
  • Helium tank (I love Balloon Time personal tanks and have one on hand at all times!)
  • Foam glitter star stickers
  • Red white and blue fringe (sold as a long garland that you can cut up)
  • Baker’s twine or string

4th of July Balloons

How to Make Patriotic Balloons

1. Blow up your balloons and tie with baker’s twine. Start adding star stickers – they stick very nicely to the balloon without any additional adhesive.

4th of July Balloons

2. Keep adding stickers until it is well covered. I love using clear balloons for this because you can see through to the stars on the other side. Then cut a small length of the fringe garland, add a strip of double sided tape around the top, and wrap around the base of the balloon.

4th of July Balloons

That’s it! You can make these in a matter of minutes and they will stay afloat for 7-8 hours. If you want them to last longer, have your local party store blow them up and add “high float” to the balloons so they will last a couple days.

4th of July Balloons



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