DIY Butterfly Specimen Wall Art

DIY Butterfly Specimen Art Frame
This life-like butterfly specimen art is as easy as peel and stick!

You know you’ve found a really good craft supply when you are able to put it to multiple uses. If you feel like you’ve seen these butterflies before – you have!

I am in love with these Martha Stewart butterfly stickers and used them to decorate a cupcake stand and a Mother’s Day brunch. When I was done with them they were much too pretty to throw away, so I decided to repurpose them as art that I plan to hang in our guest bedroom.


To enhance the 3D feel of the stickers and make them feel like true specimens I framed them in this cool shadow box:


You can whip up some new art for your wall in under 10 minutes. Here’s how!


Supplies for Butterfly Wall Art


  • Martha Stewart butterfly stickers
  • Shadow box
  • Card stock
  • Scotch tape


How to Make Butterfly Wall Art

1. Tape your card stock to the back of your mat (if using a mat with your shadow box):


2. Arrange your butterflies however you like. I loosely laid mine out until I found an arrangement I wanted and then stuck them down securely.


3. Finally, bend their wings a little bit to make them really look like they are flying off the page. Frame them and enjoy!


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  1. Love this! I know this is an old post but where did you purchase your shadow box frame?

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