Just for Fun…

… I’ve decided to blog a bit about my interest, and dabbling, in design. For as long as I can remember, I’ve ‘made things’ – as a little girl, I would pick making crafts over playing with Barbies any day. Since high school, I have been filing away magazine clippings of home design ideas with the hope of trying them in my own home some day. Looking back at my first idea notebook from high school provides more laughs than good ideas now, but it is fun to see how my tastes have changed over time.

Since we’ve moved to our condo in Chicago in 2006 I’ve had a chance to ‘improvise’ on a number of home design ideas I’ve clipped from my favorite magazines, spending minimal time and money while attempting to achieve a similar look. I am using the home design term loosely to also include the general homemaking / entertaining projects I enjoy doing. I thought this blog would be a fun way to capture those DIY projects and the pictures that inspired them. I don’t claim to be a good designer in any way, but I know how much enjoyment I get from the trial and error of trying out ideas to make our house feel like a home.

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