DIY Paper Fireworks Centerpiece

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DIY Paper Fireworks Craft

Introducing my DIY paper fireworks centerpiece! You can make this festive 4th of July decor in 30 minutes from card stock. I got this idea after playing around with the Martha Stewart fringe cutter tool. It fringes a piece of card stock in seconds and when rolled up and glued to a dowel it makes these cool “fireworks” that look great displayed in a vase! Don’t have a fringe cutter? No problem! You can make these just as easily with a ruler and pair of scissors. 

DIY paper fireworks - made with a fringe cutter. So cool!

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Each firework requires just two pieces of card stock in different combinations of red, blue, and white. I varied the length of the dowels to make the fireworks stand at different heights in the arrangement similar to how they look when they are bursting in the sky!

DIY fireworks bouquet - a patriotic 4th of July decoration you can make from paper!

Supplies for DIY Paper Fireworks Centerpiece

Supplies for DIY paper fireworks centerpiece

How to Make DIY Paper Fireworks Decor

Step 1. Measure 1/2″ fringes

Place a sheet of card stock horizontally paper along the fringe cutter, aligning the edge with the 1/2″ mark.

How to use the Martha Stewart fringe cutter tool

Step 2. Create fringes 6-8″ long

Close the top of the fringe cutting tool and adjust the top bar to the size of fringe you want. I varied my length between 6″-8″ for each firework, using a longer fringe for the outer layer and a shorter fringe for the inner layer. But keeping the fringe all the same length would work just fine too!

How to use the Martha Stewart fringe cutter tool

Starting from the top, press down firmly on the cutting bar and pull it down to the end of the card stock. This will cut the fringe!

How to use the Martha Stewart fringe cutter tool

Continue the fringe all along the paper by aligning the last cut edge with the 1/2″ mark and repeating the process. Once you get it down you can fringe a piece of paper in a matter of seconds!

How to use the Martha Stewart fringe cutter tool

Step 3: Repeat with multiple colors of paper

Once you have fringed one piece of card stock, repeat the process with a second piece in a different color.

How to use the Martha Stewart fringe cutter tool

Step 4: Roll up the fringed cardstock

Stack the two pieces of fringed card stock on top of each other and begin to roll them, trying to make a tight roll as you go (the thick card stock will prevent you from rolling it too tightly but that is fine).

How to make paper fireworks from fringed card stock

Step 5. Add Glue to Hold

Secure the roll with a dab of hot glue on the base.

How to make paper fireworks

Step 6: Fan out the fireworks

To get the fireworks look you’ll want to fan out the fringe. I found turning it over and pressing it down on the table worked well.

How to make paper fireworks

You can use your fingers to further fan out and separate the fringe.

Paper fireworks from fringed card stock!

Step 7. Glue paper firework to a dowel

Add a dab of hot glue to the top of a dowel or a paper straw and insert into the base of the firework. You can cut them to different lengths to create different heights of fireworks for your centerpiece.
Make a paper fireworks bouquet

Once you’ve made several fireworks, arrange them in a vase.

How to make a fireworks centerpiece
Paper Fireworks 4th of July Decor Craft

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