My Daughters’ Bedroom

Stella and Hazel’s Shared Bedroom

Girls shared bedroom with teepee and pink and orange decor

My daughters Stella (9) and Hazel (7) have shared a room forever, even though we have room to spare. I shared a room with my sister until we were in junior high and I think there is a special bond that develops when you are forced to live in the same space! I designed this sweet pink and orange room back in 2014 in partnership with Hayneedle. Since then, the walls have been plastered with bulletin boards, calendars, artwork and general tween paraphernalia. I love that they have made the space their own. Countless stories have been read together in the reading nook. Stuffed animals cover most surfaces. However, you can see how it looked when it was styled and camera-ready here!

DIY Stenciled Kids Teepee

DIY stenciled kids teepee with pom-pom trim

I decorated a plain canvas teepee as part of their room decor by stenciling on shapes and adding (a ton!) of pom-pom trim. I love how it turned out. If you want to make your own, you check out the step-by-step DIY painted teepee tutorial.