Just Start! A New E-Book You’ll Love

January 07, 2019 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized

There is nothing quite like the beginning of a new year. It holds so much possibility and offers a fresh start on achieving your goals. While I’m a big fan of planning and goal setting at this time of year (check out my first ever vision board!), I’m an even bigger fan of just doing. […]

Clear Stenciled Snowflake Ornaments

December 12, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Holiday Crafts, Paint, Christmas

 This post contains affiliate links. See my full disclosure.   Bring a little snow into your home with these simple stenciled snowflake ornaments that I made in partnership with Martha Stewart and Plaid Crafts! I love making Christmas ornaments, and each year I try to come up with a new idea or two, often involving my […]

Kids Week: Paper Plate Christmas Masks

December 07, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Holiday Crafts, Christmas

It’s the final day of Kids Week and we’re wrapping up the week with these silly and sweet paper plate masks of Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Frosty the Snowman! This is another project I did in partnership with Oriental Trading using all their fun craft supplies. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the Christmas craft ideas […]

Kids Week: Personalized Craft Supply Box

December 06, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Kids Crafts

It’s Day 4 of Kids Week! If you’re in search for a unique kids gift for the holidays, I have a simple idea for you that they are sure to love. Make them their own personalized craft supply box filled with fresh supplies. I haven’t met a kid (or adult) who doesn’t love a shiny […]

Kids Week: Tissue Paper Christmas Trees

December 05, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Kids Crafts, Holiday Crafts, Christmas

We’ve arrived at Day 3 of Kids Week! Have you been following along? I have to admit, these crafts are equally fun for adults to make…I know from hands-on experience! Check out the end of this post for lots of other simple Christmas craft ideas. Today we are turning foam cones into colorful Christmas trees […]

Kids Week: Yarn Wrapped Christmas Ornaments

December 04, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Holiday Crafts, Yarn, Christmas

Welcome to Day 2 of Kids Week! Did you see our candy-filled tree to kick off the week of kids Christmas crafts? Today we are using two of my favorite craft supplies – yarn and pom-poms – to make these pretty yarn-wrapped Christmas ornaments. These look just like the type of ornament I would have […]

Kids Week: Candy Themed Christmas Tree

December 03, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Holiday Crafts, Christmas

Welcome to Kids Week! You know I love a good themed week (who followed along with Pumpkin Week in October?!). Each day this week I will be bringing you simple and sweet Christmas project ideas that are perfect for kids, young and old. I’m kicking things off with this candy-themed Christmas tree I created for […]

How to Make Stenciled Christmas Gift Boxes

November 30, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Paint, Christmas

This post contains affiliate links. See my full disclosure. Isn’t it a special treat to receive a really nicely wrapped present? It shows a lot of thoughtfulness on the part of the gift giver, even before you open the gift! Well, I wanted to create that feeling with my Christmas presents this year, so with […]

“Holiday Happy Mail” Card Display Idea

November 19, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Pom-Poms, Paint, Christmas

Getting holiday cards in the mail is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season, and I’m always looking for a unique way to show off all the photo cards of family and friends. Sometimes, nothing works better than a traditional cork board and push pins. But this isn’t your average cork board thanks […]

Olivia’s Serene Dining Room Makeover

November 14, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized

Today I’m sharing a project that I’ve been meaning to post about forever – two years to be exact. Introducing Olivia’s dining room makeover! Olivia is my sweet neighbor and friend who entrusted me to help design her dining room back in 2016. You may remember I used to do a fair amount of room […]

Mad for Plaid! Christmas Front Porch Ideas

November 12, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Christmas

You can’t go wrong with plaid this Christmas, and lots of it! I have been a big a long-time fan of plaid – it is such a classic and perfect for the holidays. You might remember this plaid-filled Christmas table I decorated last year. Well, this year plaid is as hot as ever, especially buffalo […]

Modern Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

November 05, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Thanksgiving

It’s almost time for my favorite holiday of the year! I love every aspect of preparing for Thanksgiving (other than cleaning the turkey!) – from making the grocery list, to baking the same dishes my mom made, to setting a special Thanksgiving table. On a typical Thanksgiving morning you can find me hunting around my […]

Pumpkin Week: Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins

October 14, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Holiday Crafts, Halloween

We made it to the final day of Pumpkin Week! I hope you’ve had fun following along and found an idea you want to try – you can see all my pumpkin ideas at the end of this post. To wrap things up, we’re going with a tried and true supply, the classic pipe cleaner (or […]

Pumpkin Week: Sand Art Pumpkins

October 11, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Holiday Crafts, Halloween

The idea for Day 4 of Pumpkin Week is pretty out there. Just when you thought I had gone crazy with cupcake liners, I decided to throw sand on my pumpkins! 😉 These sand art pumpkins are my latest attempt to relive my childhood love of making sand art. My sister and I used to […]

Pumpkin Week: Cupcake Liner Pumpkins

October 10, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Holiday Crafts, Halloween

I hope you all are enjoying Pumpkin Week so far – welcome to Day 3! My craft room has been turned upside down as I search high and low for different materials to slap on a pumpkin! The floor is covered with pom-poms, pipe cleaners, feathers, stickers, spiders, and now… cupcake liners. Yep, for today’s idea […]

Pumpkin Week: Eyeball Pumpkins

October 09, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Holiday Crafts, Halloween

For Day 2 of Pumpkin Week, I went super simple. So simple that your four year old could make these. But simple doesn’t mean it can’t still be super cool! These DIY eyeball pumpkins are made from a variety of spooky eyeball stickers that are easy to find during this time of year. Just peel […]

Pumpkin Week: Feather Pumpkins

October 08, 2018 | FILED UNDER: Holiday Crafts, Halloween

Get excited – Pumpkin Week has returned to Design Improvised! Last year I had a lot of fun coming up with a week’s worth of no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas to share with you, so I thought I would challenge myself to come up with five more ideas, starting with these feather pumpkins. There are so […]