10 Clever Heart Doily Crafts

Paper heart doily crafts

Paper Heart Doily Craft Ideas

I have some fun heart doily crafts for you! There is something about simple paper heart doilies that I just love so much. These fancy and delicate little pink and red hearts make me nostalgic for the Valentine’s Day of my childhood. I can’t resist buying some at this time of year. A pack of these pretty paper doilies is typically only a dollar or two and there are so many ways to incorporate them into your Valentine’s Day crafting.  Read on to see my top ten favorite ways to use paper heart doilies.

10 Clever Ways to Use Paper Heart Doilies

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Top 10 Paper Heart Doily Crafts

1. Use heart doilies to stencil tote bags

This is one of my favorite ways to use a paper doily – as a stencil! This is an especially fun kids project for Valentine’s Day.

Use paper heart doilies to create these cute stamped tote bags for Valentine's Day!

2. Create a pretty Valentine’s Day wreath

How delicate the doilies look when painted with soft watercolor pastels and layered onto a wreath form!

Use heart doilies to create this sweet Valentine's Day heart wreath!

3. Add them to heart balloons

A simple way to make instance Valentine’s Day balloons. Tape a few paper doilies to the string!

Use paper heart doilies to decorate balloons for Valentine's Day!

4. Wrap your drinks along with baker’s twine

Jazz up some drinks in an instant for a special Valentine’s Day treat. This idea works on any cup!

Use paper heart doilies and baker's twine to wrap Valentine's Day drinks!

5. Turn them into strawberries!

Heart doilies don’t have to just be used on Valentine’s Day. Find creative ways to use them year-round!

Paper heart doilies turned cute strawberries!

6. Create pretty napkins for Valentine’s Day

Another fun stamping technique using heart doilies. These would make pretty gifts!

Valentine's Day heart napkins stenciled with paper heart doilies!

7. Sew them into candy pouches

The holes in paper doilies make them perfect to sew together! Be sure to use sturdy doilies for this project.

Paper heart doily valentine's day candy pouches

8. Use them to line envelopes

What a fun surprise when you open an envelope! Just slot in and adhere with a piece of double-sided tape.

Paper heart doily Valentine envelope liners

9. Create an elegant table runner

Layer heart doilies down the center of the table for an instant runner. No gluing or taping required!

Paper heart doily table runner for Valentine's Day party

10. Make unicorn valentines for your friends!

A fun Valentine craft idea for kids. Turn heart doilies into unicorns (or another animal of choice!)

DIY Unicorn Valentines cards with paper heart doilies

Cute heart doily craft ideas

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