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May 20, 2013 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized
In addition to being able to pitch some old things and update them with new, another thing I’m really excited about our move is being able to put our furniture and art to entirely new uses! 


For instance, I absolutely love this painting that my cousin Jeremy Hansen did for us. It is so special and has been the focal point of our dining area, but rather than put it in the dining room of our new home I’m excited to try it out somewhere else. Maybe above the fireplace in our formal living room, or above our bed in the master bedroom for a real statement.


As for our dining table, we’ll move it to our formal dining room and get a new breakfast (everyday) table that will hopefully take wear and tear better than this one. I still really like it but the top is awfully banged up. I’m thinking of painting the top gold to match the gold stripes on the chairs. We’ll see…

I’d love to try a new color palette for our living room (I’m thinking pops of orange!), which means these pretty floral pillows will need to go elsewhere. Maybe on the bed in the guest bedroom?


Our current master bedroom has this rug that I love but is largely covered up by our bed. I’m excited to show it off in its entirety by repurposing it the dining room or formal living room of our new place.


I’m also looking forward to giving new life to all our little knick knacks and accessories by displaying them in different rooms.


Finally, I’m excited to find a special spot for this Chicago art I recently received from two good friends as a goodbye present. Oh man, I will miss Chicago…and especially my family and friends here!


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