How to Stage a House

April 24, 2013 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized

We hope to have our Chicago condo on the market this next week as we get ready to make the move to San Antonio. In preparation we’ve been doing several little things to help our home sell as quickly as possible.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the all difference. I still remember clearly the bright bowl of oranges on the dining room table and a fresh white orchid in the bathroom when we saw our condo for the first time 7 years ago. Subconsciously those small touches made by the previous owners must have had a favorable impact, as we put in offer in that day!

Here are the 10 things we’re doing to stage our house:

  1. Swapping in new doormats and accent rugs – we want potential buyers to get excited before they enter the door. We replaced our worn doormat with a fresh colorful one and paired it with a bright wreath. I also swapped out the rug at our kitchen sink with this one from Target.
  2. Adding greenery and flowers to patios and decks – even though it is just barely warm enough to plant flowers outdoors in Chicago, I’m adding several pots of cold-tolerant flowers and greenery to our balcony off the living room and our roof top deck.
  3. Removing family photos – this is a classic home staging tip, but it works. I took down and packed up all our family photos such as our hallway photo wall.
  4. Decluttering closets and built-ins – I remember reading somewhere that you should take out at least 1/3 of the things in your closets. We’ve been going closet by closet to organize them, donate things we don’t need, and move a few boxes to our offsite storage unit to make them feel roomier.
  5. Corralling toys – having the new playroom has helped keep the toys out of the other living spaces, but there is still some work to be done to put a few of the bigger items in storage and free up space.
  6. Removing baby-proofing gear – having a baby gate to step through when you first enter the condo isn’t the best first impression, so we took it down as well as plan to remove the protective covers over the stove knobs, locks on cabinets, etc.
  7. Fresh coat of paint in high-traffic areas – we hadn’t painted our hallway and bathroom walls since we moved in 7 years ago. The wear and tear was really starting to show, especially at 3 feet above the ground where a trail of sticky finger prints and smudges winds through the house! We had painters come in and paint these areas and boy does it make a huge difference! It is worth the investment.
  8. Cleaning out fridge and oven – some people like to open your fridge and oven as a test of whether you take good care of your home. We’re going to make sure ours are sparkling!
  9. Wash windows – We have nice big windows in our living and dining room. The view and sunlight is amazing after a fresh wash. 
  10. Fresh flowers in kitchen and bathrooms – my favorite touch. I wish I had fresh flowers in my dining room and bathrooms every day, but I’ll definitely have them when our place is on the market!
What else should we do? I’d love to hear what tricks you’ve found helpful in selling a home!

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