2013 Randolph Street Market – My Top Picks!

February 22, 2013 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized

The 2013 season has kicked off at Chicago’s Randolph Street Market – my favorite source for one-of-a-kind vintage decor. I stopped by the first market of the year to do a little shopping and hand out a few ribbons to my top picks!


For some reason, I was particularly drawn to funky storage on this visit to the market. Maybe it’s because I’ve completely run out of places to stuff my growing hoard of craft supplies and find myself often daydreaming of what I would do if I had a craft room!

This industrial set of drawers caught my eye from across the room, and I knew I had to award it my first ribbon! The little drawers reminded me of an old library card catalog, but the vendor from Salvaged Art-I-Tecture said they came from an auto body shop. Very cool – and the perfect size to hold all my crafting odds and ends. If only I had a room to put them in!


Similarly, I fell in love with this set of old school gym baskets. They would pair perfectly with the little drawers above and provide an awesome amount of storage for larger supplies. I know this industrial storage look is pretty popular these days, and the Randolph Market is a great place to score some affordable pieces.


Then there was this rug. You know how much I love color. Well, I spied this rug folded up behind some other items and knew I needed a better look:


Do I need a crazy 1970s rug? No. Did I buy it anyway? Yes! It was too unique and colorful to pass up. I was going to put a ribbon on it when the vendor Jonathan Stigler cut me a great deal, and I ended up taking it home with me instead. πŸ˜‰

The look of the rug reminds me a lot of CB2. The colors are even more vibrant in person and it was in great shape. I have no doubt I will find a place for it eventually!


I also put a ribbon on this retro serving set from Walter Myers Modern. Stripes and blue are both popular trends in home decor this year, so you can be super on trend with this set! 


Randolph Street’s indoor market runs monthly through April and I’m counting down until the big outdoor market kicks off in May!


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