Revamped Magazine Rack and Kids Table

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For my second New Years Revamp project, I tackled the most frequently used 20 square feet in our house – the area where the girls’ play table sits in the living room! This little table has undergone a lot of wear and tear since my mom gave it to Stella when she turned 1. The girls use the table for eating, coloring, crafts, puzzles, you name it – on a daily basis.

Then there is this magazine / book rack that we took down from Stella’s room to make way for Hazel’s crib (yep, the girls are now sharing a room – more on that to come!). Anyway, the it needed a new home:


So I decided the area around the table could use a little revamp! I did two things for the space: 1) I dressed up the magazine rack with some gold striped oilcloth and hung it on the wall and 2) I gave the play table chairs a touch of glam by painting the tips of the legs metallic gold:


The whole idea for the project came about when we had to take down the rack (serving as a book shelf) in Stella’s room. Do you remember this initial DIY book shelf makeover I did?


Well, for the second incarnation of the magazine rack I did something very similar. However, rather than covering it with some pretty paper, I used the metallic striped oilcloth leftover from recovering our dining chairs.


I like how using the fabric in both places helps visually tie our living room to the adjacent dining room:

I used the same technique to cover the magazine rack as I did in my initial tutorial, although this time I got out my handy cutting board and fabric rotary cutter to make sure I cut the rectangles nice and straight. I again affixed the panels to the magazine rack using some double sided tape, and it worked great!

As for the painted (‘dipped’) chair legs, I originally came across this idea a year ago in Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart Living and blogged about it here. Well, better late than never to try out a project idea I saved, right?!

I was further inspired by this tutorial for dip dyed play chairs on The Land of Nod’s blog (created by my blogging friend Julee). I just followed Julee’s instructions here.


It was really simple – you just tape off the bottom of the legs with painters’ tape and then apply some acrylic craft paint with a foam brush.


It took me about 6 coats with the metallic gold to get full coverage. The whole project took about 2 hours – although that was mainly drying time and me getting distracted by a 3 year old. 😉


Don’t you just love pulling off the painters tape and seeing a nice straight line?!

And that is the living room revamp! Just don’t look too closely or you’ll probably pick up on all the marker stains and scratches on the play table. 😉

Update as of 9/4/2013 – the magazine rack is now being used in my new pink office and looks great!


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