Supermarket Bouquet Makeover: 5 Minutes to Transform Store Bought Flowers

September 07, 2012 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized
This past weekend, Stella brought me home a pretty bouquet of purple football mums from the local grocery store for my birthday. I turned them into this!
DIY Floral Arrangement
You really don’t ever need to spend $50 on a floral arrangement from a local florist. All you need is a good ‘base’ of flowers from a $5 grocery store bouquet and some creatively incorporated foliage from your garden or yard.

How to Transform a Supermarket Bouquet 

For supermarket flowers, I recommend a bouquet of a single varietal like these big football mums. Mums are a particularly good choice because of their nice full blooms and they last for a long time in a vase. But really, you can pick whatever catches your eye. Just make sure it looks fresh – sometimes grocery store bouquets can be past their prime.
The first thing I did was cut down the blooms to fit this fish bowl style vase:
DIY Flower Arrangement
Then I went up to the roof to find some foliage in my container garden to incorporate. I picked a few stalks from my massive green sedum plant and cut off some dark purple sweet potato vine:
DIY Flower Arrangement
You really don’t even need a garden to do this though. If you have some bushes in your front yard, cut off a few small branches, or incorporate some long prairie grasses if you have those in your landscaping. I’ve even cut off some foliage from house plants before.
Here I used the sedum to fill in the gaps between the mums:
DIY Flower Arrangement

Lastly, I incorporated some of the sweet potato vine. The color combination of the light purple mums, dark purple leaves and pinkish/green sedum turned out pretty cool!

Supermarket Bouquet Makeover

How about you?  Do you have a particular type of foliage from your yard or garden that you like to incorporate into store bought arrangements? I’d love to hear!


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