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August 10, 2012 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized
Let’s get this party started!  It’s time for our “Nice to Meet You!” Link Up Party.  I want to hear from you today about the 6 things you love to do at home.  I’ll kick us off with my top 6:
1. Start the Morning off with Coffee
I can’t start the day without just one cup.  I am particularly fond of French Vanilla or Hazelnut, and it always tastes best in my “H” scrabble mug!  If I’m lucky enough to sneak in a few quiet minutes during the girls’ breakfast, I love paging through my favorite magazines while finishing my coffee.
2.  Play, Play, Play
Staying at home with a 3 year old and a 1 year old means much of my day is spent playing, watching the Disney Channel, or (most often) picking up toys.  Oh to be a kid again!  I particularly have fun playing board games and doing puzzles with Stella as she is getting older.
Children's board game
3. Taking Care of My Rooftop Garden
We don’t have a yard, but we love spending time on the roof.  As you can see, the girls are usually helping out with the daily watering of the container garden.
Watering plants
4. Tinkering Around
It was my constant tinkering on some type of DIY or craft project that led to the existence of this blog!  I love working on little projects and try to squeeze them in whenever I can – often during Hazel’s naptime and with Stella helping me out.
5. Reading Stories
Both of my girls love their books and going to the library is a regular event for us.  I love to read myself, but since I don’t have much time to read novels anymore, reading with them is just as fun.
Baby reading book
6. Dining Al Fresco after the “Work” Day
Once the girls are in bed (by 6:30 if we’re lucky), Ross and I try to have our dinner and a drink outdoors as much as we can during the warm months. Nothing like the view of the Chicago skyline at sunset to help you unwind after a busy way!
Vintage tablecloth
Now join in on the fun!  Here’s what you need to do to participate:
1. Tell / Show Us Your 6 Favorite Things to Do at Home
Bloggers – Write a post about your 6 favs on your blog by this Sunday, Aug. 12
Non-Bloggers – leave a comment below with your 6 fav things
2. Follow 4 of the Hostess (through RSS, email, Bloglovin – your choice!) Haeley @ Design Improvised – You can follow me here. Ashley @ Bricks & Baubles Lindsay @ Shrimp Salad Circus Lianne @ A Content Housewife Jeanette @ Artchoo Lauren @ Elleby Design Ashley @ She Makes A Home Erika @ Fox Trot Press Suzannah @ Adventures in Dressmaking Sentrell @ Suite Seven Dani @ The Future Reynolds Jenny @ House Full of Pretty Eva @ Build House Home
3. Link Up!
Bloggers – Add this “Nice to Meet You” button and HTML to your blog post -AND- then click on “Add Your Link” below to have your blog featured in our party!
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21 responses to “Link Up Party – Six Things I Love to Do at Home”

  1. 6:30 bedtime! What's your magical secret? Love your pics. The dinner makes me drooly, and the little pudgy baby hand on the book is adorable. What's that praying mantis game?

  2. I started my blog for the same reason- I wanted to keep track of the DIY and projects I was doing. My little one absolutely loves books too, can't wait until she's old enough for the library. Nice to meet you 🙂

  3. Aww, that game looks like fun! And you're so lucky to have garden space and a place to eat outside in Chicago… we lived there for a year and had zero outdoors space.

  4. ha! No secret, they just get up early then too (usually by 6:30), so it's a trade-off. The game is called the Ladybug Game. It is super cute and easy enough for a 3 year old to follow along and stay interested.

  5. Thanks Ashley! It really has been my favorite things about our place. Our apartment in Boston prior to moving here 6 yrs ago had poor sunlight and no outdoor space so I was in heaven when we found our condo!

  6. great post haeley! i love the idea of dining al fresco during the warm months… i should try and do that while the weather's still nice since we have a small deck we can use. and having a rooftop garden sounds awesome, too!

  7. No time to read a novel. That's me too! I've also found reading the kids just as fun, especially when I get to play around with voices. It's nice to meet you!

  8. Rooftop garden??? How cool is that! I have a huge yard, but haven't had very good luck with gardening…maybe next year 🙂 and YES I do agree that the first cup of coffee in the morning is VERY important! 🙂 Nice to meet you and can't wait to read more on your blog!

  9. Nice to meet you! Love the rooftop garden and your dinner looks fabulous! I love that you can see the Chicago skyline! I have never been to Chicago but hope to one day!

  10. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! I loved checking out each of your blogs – such a fun way to get to know some new bloggers, Hope you join in on our next Nice to Meet You Link Up as well!

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