A Project for Budding iPhone Photographers

June 11, 2012 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized
If you have a preschooler, there is a good chance they can operate an iPhone better than you. In addition to playing games, listening to music, browsing my Etsy app (!), and looking at photos, my 2 year old is also known to snap a picture from my phone now and then.  It usually turns out to be a shot of her foot or an an up-close view of her forehead, but awhile back we decided to put her budding photography skills to good use by setting up her stuffed animal friends for a portrait shoot.  Her hands were a little wobbly, but she quickly got the hang of it and ended up with a few good shots among many blurry ones!
Stuffed Animal Photo
I thought it would be fun to frame them in her room.  I found these kits to decorate your own picture frames at Target (on clearance!) and let her do her thing with some tempera paint and glitter glue.
Decorate Photo Frame
Decorate Photo Frame Glitter Glue
Then I printed out a couple of her best iPhone shots, along with a couple photos of herself to put in the frames.  The paint dried nicely – I especially like how the glitter glue turned out!
Kids Craft
Kids Craft Now her completed photography / art project is proudly on display in her room!
Kids Craft

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  1. Stella's talents never cease to amaze me! She's one lucky kid to have such a "crafty", patient, and budget-minded mom fueling the fire!

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