Playing with Color in the Garden

June 21, 2012 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized
I love the end of June because that is typically when flowers in my garden and everywhere in our neighborhood are at their prettiest.  They are really starting to fill out and are in full bloom before the hot days of July and August start to take their toll on them.
Container garden

I’ve had the pots on my roof deck container garden planted for about a month now, and until last week I felt like something was still a little off.  I had decided I wanted to go with primarily orange and yellow flowers this year (why I am not really sure!).  However when I stopped by Home Depot in early May their selection in these colors was largely limited to zinnias and marigolds.  Marigolds definitely aren’t my favorite flower, but I went with them anyway because they are inexpensive and very hard to kill!

Container garden

So as for what was a little off, I realized that the orange and yellow needed a third color to help make the color combination work.  One thing I’ve realized over the years is that gardening is a lot like art, and the use of different combinations of color, texture, and scale can make the difference between an amazing looking pot and a scary looking pot (believe me I’ve had both)!  See my post about my container garden last year for some tips I’ve learned along the way.

Something I’ve found helpful when thinking of color combinations is learning about the different ‘harmonious combinations’ on the color wheel.  This website provides a great basic overview.   I decided what my garden needed was a “triad”.  So I found some pretty purple flowers to balance out the existing orange flowers and green foliage.  My yellow flowers don’t totally fit into this equation, but still seems to work.  Maybe because purple and yellow are complementary colors (directly across each other on the color wheel):

What do you think… does the purple help?
Container garden

Container garden

Container garden
I’m curious to know – what are some of your favorite color combinations in the garden? 


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