Bringing Home a Piece of Vacation

April 26, 2012 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized
My husband and I got to sneak away to Cozumel, Mexico last weekend for a friend’s wedding.  It was a much needed break filled with lots of sunshine, pool time, and frozen drinks with friends.  It was just a few days ago, but already seems worlds away… I’m ready to start planning (or at least dreaming about) our next trip!
One thing I have always loved doing is bringing back a memento or two from the places we visit.  I love the eclectic, personal look you can get from mixing in a few unique pieces with your other home accessories / decor.  Plus, having them around is a nice reminder of all the fun you had on those past trips. 
Our trip to Cozumel was brief, and our display space for new knick knacks at home is reaching capacity, so I didn’t do much shopping on this trip, but I did bring home a few little things for the girls.  Like this beautiful Mexican folk art painted cat.

Mexican folk art cat
Stella added it to her new shadow box (she calls it her ‘treasure box’), along with a couple Mexican ornaments I also brought back, a favorite painted rock, and a seashell her friend Anthony brought her from visiting his grandparents in Florida. πŸ˜‰  
My sister and I each had a shadow box when we were little that we filled with all sorts of treasures (collecting thimbles from each of the places we visited was a big deal back then!).  Shadow boxes are a fun way to get kids interested in collecting special keepsakes.
Mexican folk art painted cat
Here are some beautiful black Oaxacan clay pots we got on another trip to Mexico a few years ago.  We have them sprinkled in with other knick knacks on our living room shelves.

Mexican black pottery

Mexico is a great source for beautiful hand painted pottery and ceramics, and it is generally all very affordable.  If I had more time to shop, and more room in my suitcase, I would have liked to bring some of these home: 
Mexican painted clay fish

Mexican vase
Mexican painted dish

So the next time you are on vacation (hopefully soon!), make sure to bring home a little something special to display from your trip.


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  1. I love the hand painted cat and I'm so glad Stella likes her "treasure" box. It looks like she'll need a second one soon!

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