Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012 | FILED UNDER: Holidays / Parties

Hope your Valentine’s Day is super sweet.  Here’s a few shots from the little party Stella had with a couple buddies this morning:

Anxiously awaiting their arrival.  Pottery Barn chandelier from this post made its appearance

I ended up making a garland based on some inspiration from Pinterest 

Decorating Rice Krispie treats was the main (and messy) event of the party!

You can never use too many sprinkles

Stella’s friend Anthony showing off his hearts

They sure turned out pretty!

For Valentines, we got these craft frames at Joann’s.  Stella stuck on the heart stickers and did some decorating with crayons.  Mommy added a somewhat scandalous pic of her giving her friend a smooch 😉
It was a full house!  An attempt at getting all the friends / siblings in the same picture


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