And why not some Thanksgiving crafts while we’re at it…

November 08, 2011 | FILED UNDER: Holidays / Parties
It seems like my “design” blog has been more of a craft blog as of late.  I think I’ve just been in the crafty mood with all the holidays coming up, but I have lots of design-y things I’ve been wanting to blog about… including my project for my first official design client, which I will post about soon!
So our house has recently transitioned from Halloween to Thanksgiving… it is starting to feel like a rotating art exhibit around here!  It is borderline dorky to have special Thanksgiving decorations, but I couldn’t help myself… I had to do something with all these pumpkins we had sitting around.
First for my “Thanksgiving pumpkin makeover” craft…
I had come across this cute little Thanksgiving kids table idea using silhouettes around the border of the tablecloth and since silhouettes are particularly hot right now (in case you didn’t know) I thought, why not put them on a pumpkin?!  
So I printed out the templates here, cut them out and taped them onto the pumpkins to trace around them.   Here is Hazel keeping herself busy while mommy has her ‘playtime’:

I think took a brown permanent marker and colored in the outline:

And now we have a vignette of a pilgrim, indian, and turkey pumpkin that says “Give Thanks”.  Like I said, borderline dorky… but at least I’m getting my money’s worth out of these pumpkins!

My second craft idea came from wanting to do something with the fall leaves Stella and I had collected a few weeks ago and I had pressed in a book.  I had seen this image online and loved the ‘botany’ look of the leaves framed:

Source: Country Living

However, I didn’t have near as many leaves so I thought I would add some text to take up space and say “Happy Thanksgiving”.  Here are the leaves pre-text:

Stella happened to be painting with her watercolors (although here she is busy making pretend calls on her ‘iPhone’).  I used the brown paint to write “Happy Thanksgiving”:

I then rearranged the leaves round the text and affixed them with some double-sided tape, and put in an old frame that was still housing pics of my college friends from spring break (Aruba!):

And now we have a Thanksgiving sign on our mantel 😉


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