DIY Project: Art for Stella’s Big Girl Room

May 06, 2011 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized

I’ve been busy on a little art project that I think will define Stella’s new big girl room. I’m framing a collection of cute prints in hot pink frames. This is art on the cheap – I found this book of 12 oversized prints a couple years ago and thought it was so cute (and reasonable for $20) that I bought it, not knowing for sure how I would use them. Now I’ve found a use!

Rather than buying a bunch of new frames (not only does it get expensive, but hot pink frames are hard to come by!), I decided to spray paint some black frames I already had in our office:

Let the fun begin! My sister and I spent a sunny weekend afternoon out on my front balcony turning everything pink. It was a breezy day, so all the rocks I had from my gardening came in handy:

In addition to the big frames, I rounded up a number of old small frames to get the pink treatment as well:

Spray paint dries quickly, so we were able to start framing the prints the same day. All my frames were a bit too big for the prints, and not all of them had mats, so I made some makeshift mats from a roll of polka dot wrapping paper:

I love how they look in the hot pink frame and the pictures are perfect for a big girl room:

I love that Stella is excited about the pictures. She particularly likes the owls and another one of balloons:

Update: Here’s Stella’s completed eclectic hot pink and blue big girl room!

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