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I always like finding ways to use paper with cool prints in my DIY decorating. I have saved several ideas that I’ve come across with the hopes of doing a project with them someday and thought I would share a few. In addition, check out my post on some of the DIY paper projects I did for our office here.
Have an old accent table that has some dings or scratches on the top of it? Why not decoupage it with pretty paper? I particularly like this idea because it features wrapping paper from the company where my sister is a designer – Snow and Graham. Check them out at
Heather, I’m hoping to get some free product from promoting your company on my blog. ;>)

Source: Family Circle (April 2011)
Here are the high-level steps to do this:
1) Sand the table and add 2 thin coats of primer. Paint the legs with a fresh coat of semigloss latex paint if you want.
2) Trace the outline of the table on the back side of a large sheet of paper (this is a thick wrapping paper used here) and cut just inside the line.
3) Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the table top using a foam brush. Spray 1-2 coats of latex primer onto the back side of paper. Let both dry. Add another coat of Mod Podge and then apply paper in small sections, smoothing out air bubbles.
4) Seal the table with 5-10 coats of Mod Podge.
A super simple idea that makes something mundane into something special is lining some of your drawers with pretty paper like these:

Source: Better Homes and Gardens (Mar. 2011)

This highlights a number of different ideas using wallpaper. I particularly like it used in the paneled door and the back of the bookcase:

Source: Midwest Living (Aug. 2008)

If you have old sliding closet doors in your place, covering them with wallpaper will transform them into totally chic!

Source: Elle Decor

I’m in the process of doing some DIY paper projects for Stella’s big girl room… more on that to come!

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