My Etsy Addiction

March 09, 2011 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized
I couldn’t write about Craigslist without also writing about my equally favorite source for household finds – Etsy is an online marketplace for independent crafters, artisans, and sellers of vintage items. There are thousands of sellers on there and you can literally find anything as long as it is either handmade or vintage… two of my favorite things!
If I tried, I could probably limit myself to buying stuff for our home from just Etsy and Craigslist and never have to step in a Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel again! I’ve started making the two sites the first place I look when I need something in particular.
Here’s why I’m addicted to Etsy:
1) Handmade = unique. You can find products on Etsy that you can’t get anywhere else
2) So many of the things can be personalized just to your liking. Want a pillow embroidered with your name on it? No problem! Want barrettes that go with a left hair part (like Stella’s), instead of a right part? They make them to order! Want to pick the fabrics of an item to match your living room colors? Done!
3) The prices are incredibly reasonable, as are shipping costs (usually just a few bucks)
4) The site is really user-friendly:
— It is divided by “handmade” and “vintage” items so you can start searching in one or the other categories
— You can save “favorite” items to your account (you can also see how many other people have made that particular item their favorite)
— Most sellers also have an Etsy “store” so if you like a particular item, you can go to their store link to see the other similar items they sell
— You can easily send the seller a message if you have a question about a particular product
— Etsy has a number of other fun ways to search for products more randomly – such as by color or geography, from new / undiscovered sellers, or within ‘collections’ of products handpicked by their editors
The best part is that you’re helping to support independent crafters all around the country! Here’s what I’ve nabbed on Etsy to date to give you a sense for the range of stuff you can get…
A set of new 20 x 20 pillow covers to go in the living room $45 for 2:

A vintage beaded necklace from the 50’s or 60’s for $15:
A vintage jewelry box for $10:

All of Stella’s felt barrettes for $3-$4 each:
The rainbow skirt for Stella’s first bday party – $25:
Wall decal for nursery – $50:

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