Cheap Art: Wall Decals

January 19, 2011 | FILED UNDER: Uncategorized
In one of my last posts I mentioned how much I like the idea of wall decals for cheap art, like the one below I have in the nursery. I think as long as you use them sparingly (like 1 or 2 in your entire house, definitely not in every room), they can be fun.

I’ve been thinking of doing a wall decal in our master bath which has had blank walls for the past 5 years. I found two framed bird prints that I’d like to hang on one wall and maybe a tree decal like a smaller version of these on the adjoining wall… (more to come on that once I get around to that project!):
(Source: Etsy, Seller: designed designer)

Here are some other cool wall decals that I came across that I think would be fun to incorporate into a home…
You can create the effect of wall paper with these:
(Source: Etsy, Seller: elmostudio)

You can create faux frames with wall decals to hang photographs, drawings, etc. in. I’m thinking about doing a wall of these in Stella’s future ‘big girl’ room so she can hang her artwork in them:

(Source: Etsy, Seller: melaniestewart)
Monograms are big right now… why not put one on your wall?!
(Source: Etsy, Seller: Homesweetwalls)

If you can’t afford a real chandelier, this wall decal is a funky substitute:

(Source: Etsy, Seller: shainaworld03)

These would be fun in a sitting area:
(Source: Etsy, Seller: urbanwalls)
I love the wall decals that are pretend furniture, like this coat rack:
(Source: Etsy, Seller: artwallproject)
Or the faux lamp, potted plant, or headboard (my favorite!) here:
(Source: Midwest Living, Feb 2010)
If you had a real front door, unlike us condo-dwellers, you could add these fun number decals:
(Source: Better Homes and Gardens, Sept. 2008)

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